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Iberbanda Coverage

Iberbanda dish sizeIberbanda uses a wireless communicaton technology which permits the transmission of data and voice without the necessity of a conventional telephone line.

To receive Iberbanda Wireless Internet and Phone Services, a small dish is erected on the outside of your property. The installation is similar to Digital Satellite TV in the UK, although with much smaller equipment. To be able to install an Iberbanda system there needs to be a direct line of sight to one of the Iberbanda antennas from the receiving dish

Please look at the AVI Iberbanda coverage maps. The areas which are marked in green are the approximate areas with coverage where you will be able to receive AVI Wireless Broadand and Phone Services.

Please click on Coverage.xls to get a full list of the towns and villages where Iberbanda wireless internet is currently available. From any of these areas if you can see one of the Iberbanda antennas from your property you should be able to get the Iberbanda service. Please contact us and we will put in an order and send out a technician to check coverage and install the service if there is a good enough signal. If the signal is not good enough there is no charge for the visit of the technician.

Iberbanda coverage in Alicante


Alternatively look at a more detailed map including MURCIA, or our list of towns and villages which are within the range of an antenna. Coverage.xls.

If you live outside of Alicante, take a look at our sister website for other coverage maps.